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Jeff’s 50th Suprise Party

31 Mar


I had the most fun ever at the surprise party for Jeff last night.  Honestly, I’m not that big of a party animal, but for some reason, at a ranch in Vista, at a surprise party for a 50 year old “best friend’s mom’s boyfriend” I had probably the time of my life party wise.  In fact, I had so much fun, that I can’t wait to go to another party.

First party rule, arrive fashionably late.  How awesome is it to walk into a party that’s already thumpin’.  Not to mention, it feels great when people that recognize you get up and say, “BETH~~~ I didn’t know you were gonna be here!”  You might not have, but I’m here, and now we’re going to have a blast!  😀

Second party rule, don’t give an eff (I sound retarded when I cuss, so yeah, and this blog is rated PG, so double yeah) about what people think.  Like my blog tag says, “It’s none of my business what you think of me.” And while I need to be reminded of that constantly, it probably makes the hugest difference in my life.  So what if I’m dancing salsa to some honky-tonk song, so what if that girl is trying to stab me with her eyeballs, so what if my hair’s a little crazy and my skirt’s a little short.

I had a ton of fun, and here’s the pictures to prove it.




Run, run, run!

30 Mar

Got everything I needed to done (minus a few minor packing details) and I even squeezed in a nap and fika (which means “coffee break in Swedish) with my sister.

By the way, I hate it when people interrupt me. It’s called a conversation. If you just want to hear yourself talk, talk to a wall, and if you want my input, then shut up and listen.

In other news, I’m off to a surprise party. This my outfit. 🙂 more pictures and deets to come!


30 Mar

I had a great time with my beau and mutual friend Andreas at the climbing gym today.  I haven’t been climbing in a while and it surprised me how much harder it was this time than last time.  My skills are still where they were at a couple of months ago, technique doesn’t really leave a person, you know?  But my poor little muscles… they didn’t want to climb anything…

And what’s even worse (not that I’m complaining) is that the holds are so rough (yes, I know it’s so you can grip them) that they rip your hands to shred.  Andy says he uses a pumice stone to condition his hands, frankly, it just reminded me that I could really use a pedicure.

But it’s okay, the espresso machine was waiting to console me.  🙂

Andy, contemplating a climb.

My beau, procrastinating.

My favorite piece of equipment at the gym.

I’m off to get my car’s oil changed, my day has somehow gotten even busier.

Busy Day

30 Mar

Today is going to be a great day!  I feel it already.  It’s gonna be a busy one, but a great one.  🙂  I guess it doesn’t hurt that it started out with breakfast in bed.  🙂

After I finish eating, I have to get ready for the gym.  Today I have an oil change.  I have to call my grandpa, call my work to see if I can get Monday and Tuesday off, pack for Napa, pick up my paycheck, and get ready for a bitchin’ party.

Hunger Games Couture

29 Mar

I just saw The Hunger Games with my beau (sidenote:  I’m not gonna name him or go into all that mushy stuff, cuz I feel like that’s not really fair to him.  That being said…).  I shall confess, I read the books, and even lent them to my friend, who devoured them with love. I was surprised that for a movie based off of a book that it did a very good job explaining everything.  The boyfriend enjoyed it and he even said he was excited to see the next one.  🙂

Now… let’s talk fashion.  I’m super wishing that I had long enough hair to do Katniss’s awesome side pony tail braid thing.  I feel like to do it right though, (because I just had to weed through a bunch of not-so-great copies) you’d have to remember to have the loose pieces in front.  Hair also needs to be super duper shiny, and you can’t be too concerned with it being perfect, because, afterall, she’s killing children (or avoiding killing children, rather), not entering a beauty contest.  (Well….)


If we want to fuss over hair, we can talk “Capitol Couture.”  Gotta love Effie’s hair, being blonderexic myself…  I also caught myself lusting after her gorge purple and gold lips, and even the periwinkle lips she sported later on in the movie.  (Not that I think I could pull  either off.)

But what really caught my attention was the Gamemaker’s look.  I love his facial hair, and now I totally absolutely (minus the fact that I really don’t want facial hair) really want facial hair, so I can have at it with a razor.  Talk about detail!  Seriously though, it’s awesome, and my boyfriend better watch out or I’m going to take out my creativity on his five o’ clock shadow.


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