30 Mar

I had a great time with my beau and mutual friend Andreas at the climbing gym today.  I haven’t been climbing in a while and it surprised me how much harder it was this time than last time.  My skills are still where they were at a couple of months ago, technique doesn’t really leave a person, you know?  But my poor little muscles… they didn’t want to climb anything…

And what’s even worse (not that I’m complaining) is that the holds are so rough (yes, I know it’s so you can grip them) that they rip your hands to shred.  Andy says he uses a pumice stone to condition his hands, frankly, it just reminded me that I could really use a pedicure.

But it’s okay, the espresso machine was waiting to console me.  🙂

Andy, contemplating a climb.

My beau, procrastinating.

My favorite piece of equipment at the gym.

I’m off to get my car’s oil changed, my day has somehow gotten even busier.


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