8 Apr

Easter was pretty much the best holiday I’ve had in a while, besides maybe Christmas and of course, my birthday.  🙂

My sister started texting me early in the morning after finding out I wanted to attend the family get together this year (I try to avoid awkward family situations as much as possible, but I couldn’t stand being away from my baby (and adult) cousins for another holiday). She found out the day before and was “totally shocked.”

All in all, I’m super glad I went, though I do regret only bringing veggie sticks… next time the mashed potatoes are all mine.  Muhahahaha.  (I make bomb.com mashed potatoes).

My sister, her boyfriend, my boyfriend, Krissy, and my adorable freshly five year old cousin Wesley (he couldn’t wait to tell me about his birthday the second I walked through the door), played an epic game of hide n’ go seek on my parents’ property.  I was wearing adorable red patent leather stilettos and I definitely got my work out on running up and down hills and diving into dog kennels.

It was super fun.  But Wesley kept coughing and we all wanted dessert so we retired our competitive game and went inside for cupcakes and ice cream and then decided to play some air hockey.  🙂  I freakin’ love air hockey.  I still remember getting that table for Christmas, and I still remember some epic games from my younger years.  Turns out, I’m still just as competitive.  Also turns out, that me and my sister on a team equals even more competitive.

We lost, by the way.  🙂


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