Pechanga Party

8 Apr

Me and Jackie went to this party at Pechanga yesterday.  I had no idea who anyone was or what the party was for.  In fact, I was pretty sure it was just a “party party”, but it wasn’t.  It turned out to be a 21st Birthday Party for a guy name Paul.

Note my look of shock at finding out I came without a present to a birthday party…

Lucky for me, it was 21, so the birthday boy was a little too stressed about everyone having fun, and a little to drunk to care.

Also, my bartending skills were updated.  I know now, never ever Ever EVER to drink, or let anyone else that i remotely like, to drink Jose Cuervo Gold.  Blegch!  Seriously, I’m a tequila girl and that stuff was insufferable.

Now it’s time for a shameless plug…

Time for what will probably be an eventful Easter Dunch.  Happy Easter fellow bloggers and faithful readers!!


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