The Park at Sunset

11 Jun

I love summer. I don’t think I’ve ever been as in love with it, as I am right now.

The windows are open and cool air is rushing in making the blinds sway in the breeze, making clicking noises. I hear the neighbors in the distance talking and doing various things outside. It’s magical.

I just got back from the park with CJ and our new dog, Penny. CJ has a lot of dreams for how he wants Penny all trained up. We’re pretty compatible when it comes to that kind of stuff, we share a lot of the same beliefs, dreams, and goals. We went for a kind of “family walk.”

It’s so funny seeing Penny slide down the slides like she was a human child. She loves it. I practically do circuit training at the park. I run up one side of the jungle gym, slide down a slide, run around the equipment, climb up the steps again, and then slide down the opposite slide. Penny chasing after me and loving every second of it. She gets so excited, it’s adorable.

I like watching CJ play with Penny too. It’s cute seeing them interact and I can tell that our little seven pound pup has stolen his heart.




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