Podcast Pilot is Out

19 Jun

It’s been a lovely morning. I’m still struggling with waking up early, but I have full faith in myself. I know I can get up early, I just need to commit!

Penny’s been acting a bit strangely today. She slept on the back of the one and a half chair last night and has been hanging her head low all morning. She’s sleeping in her bed now, and I haven’t even taken her for her walk yet.

I think I’m going to read for a better part of the day. The dishes are done, breakfast has been made, espresso drunk (twice), I’m dressed and hair’d and makeup’d. I’d love to get through these Harry Potter books now, not because I’m not enjoying them, but because I’m ready to move on. I want to read a Cesar Milan book and Kristin sent me a series I was interested in reading.

ITunes sent me an email this morning. The podcast is available for listening to. I’m very excited! It should be pretty funny. I’ll add a link when I’m near a computer. 🙂


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