DIY: His and Her Message Board

22 Jun

Everybody needs a reminder or two now and again. Male or Female we can’t keep everything stored in our heads. That’s cause for major stress and constant forgetfulness. Conquer your day with an easy DIY: His and Her Message Board.

Supplies Needed:

  • · Razor Blade
  • · Tape or glue
  • · Ruler or Yardstick
  • · Thrift store picture frame
  • · Scrapbook paper scraps
  • · Expo marker
  • · Nail or Screw

Step 1:

Start by removing the backing from the picture frame and taking out the cardboard insert and painting. Flip the painting over and using the ruler or yardstick, draw a diagonal line from one corner to the other.

Step 2:

Go through your scrapbook paper scraps and divide the colors up. I used a double sided pack and chose blue and green colors for his side, and the lighter pink colors for my side. It’s important that the paper you choose is light in color so that you can see your writing over it. If you use dark paper, your writing won’t show up!

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