Temecula Festival of Arts

25 Jun

So CJ and I went to Temecula’s Art Festival on Saturday.  We brought Penny.  It was her first big experience with lots of people.  And besides shaking the entire time, she was great!  Everyone kept stopping us and telling us how cute Penny was.  She got a lot of pets in the beginning, but towards the end of the night, we could see how uncomfortable it was making her, so we asked people to just admire her from a distance (hahaha).

There was a lot of great drawings done.  Are they called drawings if they’re chalk?  I’m really not familiar with art lingo.  Anyway, there was a lot to look at and a ton of people there to do the looking.  There was even giant mermaid jumping out of the concrete in one of the chalk creations.  I took a picture, but I think I was too tall for the 3D effect to work correctly…

Sorry for the blurry pictures!



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