Watching the Future

26 Jun

“Today’s going to be a great day, today’s going to be a great day, today’s going to be a great day,” Tim told himself over and over again as he walked along the busy streets of Manhattan. “Today’s going to be a great day.” Tim had gotten into the practice of reciting mantras to himself as he walked to work. “Today is going to be a GREAT day,” he repeated with a little more enthusiasm, hoping he’d catch a little bit of it.

That’s when he spotted it; the crazy, homeless guy who chatted him up every day on his way to work. He was always rambling on about aliens and spaceships. I should never have tried smiling at him, Tim thought. That was my first mistake. I should have just walked on, ignoring him, pretending I couldn’t even see him, like everyone else. Why did I have to smile at him?

“Good day there, mister!” said the homeless guy. “Lovely weather, ain’t it?”

Tim nodded and walked a little faster, trying to get away.

“It was a day just like this that I arrived back here.”

Tim rolled his eyes.

“I still have the device you know. Time travelling, it’s risky business. Used to be recreational before they outlawed it, but it’s addictive you see?”

Tim’s walk slowed. Addictive?

“…butterfly effect and what not, can’t help it, can’t help wondering what things’d be like if they were differ’nt, so you go back you redo it, and after a while you can’t stop.”

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