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Altered Books

28 Jul

I’ve been thinking a lot about making a scrap book or at least having a more physical and creative way to record my life.  There’s so much going on and so many amazing things that I don’t want to forget.  Most of my arts and crafts projects on Pinterest are all of books and other little things.  I love hand made things, but I’m not really the kind of girl that likes clutter (I’ve even thought about opening an Etsy shop so I had somewhere to get rid of my little creative necessities.

I came across altered books today (I’ve always loved the word “altered.”), and I kind of think these may be the answer to all of my problems.  I can still do all of the arts and crafts I want, and I can create pages to commemorate my life.  The best part is, I can create as many altered books and keep them all neatly stored in a book shelf.  They’ll be on display and tucked away at the same time.

Another great reason for channeling my energies into altered books is the cost value of it.  Usually altered books are (extremely) mixed media, so I can use what I have, and not stress about having to go out and buy a lot of stuff and find places to store it all.

I’m kind of nervous too though!  All of the pictures and things I’ve seen are so beautiful, and I hope that I can make some beautiful things too!  Maybe I should consider an “altered book” group to learn the ropes.

I think one of the real challenges will be adding my life into it… and the fact that I’ve never done anything mixed media before…


A New Leaf

20 Jul

Anybody whose been on my pinterest knows that I’m obsessed with gardening. The greener the better, but what a lot of people don’t know is that I can’t keep anything alive! But I’ve been doing really great with the cuttings that my friend Jennifer gave me. I get so excited whenever I see a new leaf and this little guys got tons of ’em!


Penny Can’t Leave her Toys

20 Jul

Penny is adorable. We don’t let her outside too much because we like to keep an eye on her. But the weathers gorgeous and I was sitting in the kitchen and thought I’d let her have the run of the place. She kept running in and outside and I didn’t understand what was going on until I looked outside and she was sitting there with all of her toys. So cute!


How To: Fix a Broken Nail

20 Jul

With all of the new nail trends out there it’s important to have strong healthy nails. Acrylics are becoming more out dated with each passing day, and strong healthy nails are becoming more fashion forward. Some people are blessed with naturally strong and thick nails, but those who suffer from nail breakage can get help from nail wraps.

Nail wraps can be made using cloth or paper, and are great for repairing a crack or split in the nail. By gluing a wrap over a damaged or weak nail; stronger, longer nails are created. Nail wraps can be polished over with the latest trends to disguise them, and they are easily removed with acetone and non-acetone nail polish remover.

What do I do next?

Sunset over the Lake

19 Jul

We’re hanging out at the pool today. Its gorgeous. I love looking at the little apartments across the lake and the sunset looks absolutely amazing behind the palm trees.




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