Penny and the Pitbulls

8 Jul

CJ took Penny to the park this morning. I had a late start and stayed home to make breakfast and prepare for my day. Anyway, so I was just making some stressors when CJ got back from their playtime. He was quiet. I didn’t even notice anything was wrong until he was holding Penny by the sink. She was a mess!

Her fur was all globed together and she was shaking. As soon as he put her down, she ran under the bed and wouldn’t come out.

Apparently a lady was walking her two Pitbulls off leash at the park. They saw Penny and ran for her. CJ says they were probably trying to play, but Penny wasn’t having any fun at all. the owner ran over and picked up Penny and started smacking her dogs in the face.

After a bath and some tlc, we’re sure Penny’s gonna be fine. I just hope she’s not traumatized now. I organized a play date with Penny and my sisters dog Sashka. My fingers are crossed that everything goes okay.

All in all, Penny’s just missing a couple of chunks of hair from the top of her adorable little head, and CJ’s looking for stun guns online.



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