Sit Means Sit

17 Jul

We decided to go with Sit Means Sit for Penny’s training. We met Ryan, the trainer at the climbing gym a while back and after checking out different systems, we decided to have a consultation.

This morning Ryan came over. Penny seemed to really like him. He pet her the whole time he was explaining about the program. He even picked her up and patted her belly just how she likes.

After a while we went outside and he showed us his dogs do a couple of tricks. I was really impressed at the way they followed him. They’d do whatever he asked in the middle of the street in a place they’ve never been before. I was impressed. I know how hard it is to get a dog to concentrate with so many distractions.

He let us feel the stimulation from the collar and we out it on Penny. They ran up and down the street a couple of the time and he had her complete attention. I loved it. She looked really happy and like she was having a ton of fun.

He even took a picture of all of us together. I’ll have to get up from CJ and then I’ll put it up for you to see!


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