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31 Aug

Tonight we did a Mediterranean dinner. It was fun to surprise CJ with dinner when he comes home. Although it probably wasn’t much of a surprise considering he went to the store for the wine and feta.

He’s always so appreciative when I cook for him, it makes me want to cook all the time, which I guess I pretty much did today. He got gourmet breakfast lunch and dinner.





After dinner we watched Freelancers. He likes completely different movies than me. It’s funny how we get along so well when we’re so dissimilar.




31 Aug

I get the worst hiccups in the world. It might be a quirk but it definitely isn’t a gift. I hiccup so bad my whole body shakes and I can’t help but to make this horrible gasping noise. They’re painful too. And if I wasn’t already the unluckiest hiccuper on earth, the fact that they’ll last for days surely makes me a shoe-in.

People would always give advice on how to make them go away. My sister’s fourth grade teacher told me to sleep my name backward. That worked once. And the rest of the tips (holding your breath, drinking out of a glass backwards, drinking upside down, etc.) never worked for me.

I have a secret weapon though. I take a glass of ice water (it’s so cold!) and a metal spoon, and then I insert the spoon in the water long enough for it to become the same glaciery temp. After a half a minute I put the spoon on my forehead and gulp down the water.

It’s weird, I know. And everyone always makes fun of me, but it really does work. I’ve gotten the hiccups several times today and I even used a blueberry smoothie instead of ice water to the same effect.

Happy hiccuping!


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Mozzarella Chicken Lasagna

30 Aug

CJ and I have decided to start having “real dinner” together for a week.  We’ve gotten pretty complacent and when we spend time together, it’s usually watching a series or going to do something with/for Penny.  Alone time just to talk is kind of just what we needed, and this seemed like a pretty classy way to do it.

Because he was very enthusiastic about the idea of eating real meals (he loves my cooking!), we had two home made meals made by yours truly today.


This sandwich had spinach artichoke and Parmesan dip, cold rotisserie chicken, and a little bit of Dijon mustard on it.  The bun is reminiscent of a soft pretzel, making the entire thing tasty as hell.


For dinner I made a mozzarella chicken lasagna for the main course.  We started with a super fresh avocado salad.  CJ said it was great, and although I couldn’t quite finish my serving (even though I made it smaller than his), he finished mine off for me.

We talked about teaching Penny to ring a bell when she has to go to the bathroom and starting a YouTube channel.

Sleeping in and Staying up Late

30 Aug

I slept in this morning, something I don’t usually do during the week, but I was extremely grateful for it this morning. I haven’t been getting sleepy at night, maybe because the heat and the humidity from all of the random thunderstorms we’ve been having. I don’t really know.

But it’s not a terrible thing. I get a lot of writing done in the wee hours, and I’ve got a really good attitude about it. I find that stressing out about not being able to fall asleep just makes it even worse.

What do you do when you can’t fall asleep?

Palm Springs

29 Aug

We went to Palm Springs today. It was nice getting out of the house for awhile and exploring all that California has to offer, even if today California was serving up temperatures well above 100 degrees.


Of course I had to snap a couple of pictures of the many pinwheels. I remember my family getting all excited about them when I was younger, but I guess the appeal was lost on me then. Today I couldn’t help but thinking about the alternative energy they were providing.

On the way back it started raining, and CJ explained more about how weather works to me. It was interesting listening to a former Marine navigator and skydiver talk about storm formation when he’s spent so much time among the clouds.

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