Anklets and News

23 Aug

Remember when I yammered on about anklets the other day?  Well, that curiosity made me some good money.  I got an article published, all about The History and Practical Uses of Anklets, coincidentally that’s what the article is called.  You can support me, and check out the article by clicking on the hyperlink.  In the meantime, enjoy some spiffy anklet pictures.


This one reminds me of the anklets I saw the little girls wearing in India.

This is the anklet that inspired the thought, that inspired the article, that produced the coinage.

And this one reminds me of the anklets that I wore growing up.

Now, if you actually got through this blog, and if you’re actually enjoying it [or even if you’re thinking about quitting following me (that would be really sad!)]  then you should stay tuned, cuz some big changes are right around the corner!  Good changes too!


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