Mozzarella Chicken Lasagna

30 Aug

CJ and I have decided to start having “real dinner” together for a week.  We’ve gotten pretty complacent and when we spend time together, it’s usually watching a series or going to do something with/for Penny.  Alone time just to talk is kind of just what we needed, and this seemed like a pretty classy way to do it.

Because he was very enthusiastic about the idea of eating real meals (he loves my cooking!), we had two home made meals made by yours truly today.


This sandwich had spinach artichoke and Parmesan dip, cold rotisserie chicken, and a little bit of Dijon mustard on it.  The bun is reminiscent of a soft pretzel, making the entire thing tasty as hell.


For dinner I made a mozzarella chicken lasagna for the main course.  We started with a super fresh avocado salad.  CJ said it was great, and although I couldn’t quite finish my serving (even though I made it smaller than his), he finished mine off for me.

We talked about teaching Penny to ring a bell when she has to go to the bathroom and starting a YouTube channel.


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