31 Aug

I get the worst hiccups in the world. It might be a quirk but it definitely isn’t a gift. I hiccup so bad my whole body shakes and I can’t help but to make this horrible gasping noise. They’re painful too. And if I wasn’t already the unluckiest hiccuper on earth, the fact that they’ll last for days surely makes me a shoe-in.

People would always give advice on how to make them go away. My sister’s fourth grade teacher told me to sleep my name backward. That worked once. And the rest of the tips (holding your breath, drinking out of a glass backwards, drinking upside down, etc.) never worked for me.

I have a secret weapon though. I take a glass of ice water (it’s so cold!) and a metal spoon, and then I insert the spoon in the water long enough for it to become the same glaciery temp. After a half a minute I put the spoon on my forehead and gulp down the water.

It’s weird, I know. And everyone always makes fun of me, but it really does work. I’ve gotten the hiccups several times today and I even used a blueberry smoothie instead of ice water to the same effect.

Happy hiccuping!


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