Televisions and Treadmills

1 Sep

The gym was great.  I tried to take some pictures, but I was on the stair-stepper.  Needless to say, the pictures are blurry and not really usable.  Most of the cardio machines at the gym have televisions installed on them.  I can plug my headphones in, select a channel on the machine’s display screen, and zone out on cable television.  I wonder if gyms are like that in states other than California.

I came home, rinsed off, and made dinner.  I have a rule that we have to be fully dressed for dinner.  CJ regularly dresses like a surfer guy, which is hilarious, cuz he’s from Virginia.  He loves it here though, so that makes it okay in my eyes.  🙂 This is what I wore (because it was what I wore this morning to Sit Means Sit)…



It’s surprisingly difficult to take photos of yourself on the iPad.

I made stuffed turkey for dinner.  This is the first time I made something pre-made for dinner since we started eating at the table every night.  I figured it was okay though because I actually had to do some work, like making glaze and then trying to plate the final product.  CJ really liked it, and the glaze was thick and tangy (not sure how I feel about that…).  :S




All in all, a pretty successful meal.  We talked about relationships to family and how important they are to maintain.  Neither of us are the call-up-your-parents-for-a-chat-just-whenever type.  I think we both realize that we need to keep in better contact with out family more, but neither of us realize this on a consistent enough basis.

And on a final note, Penny says, “Hello!” blogosphere.




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