Labor Day Came a Day Early

2 Sep

I woke up late (mostly on purpose, cuz it’s a SUNDAY!) and when I was out taking Penny for a walk CJ surprised me with breakfast.  He doesn’t usually cook for me because I’m a ridiculously picky eater.  I feel bad not eating the food that he makes (like the eggs…), so to avoid making myself feel bad I usually do most of the cooking.

Breakfast was delicious though! Those power bars are delicious and now that we have non-organic peanut butter (we switch off, organic, nonorganic, organic, nonorganic, etc.) they’re even better.

CJ was getting pretty stir crazy come 3 o’clock.  So we decided to celebrate labor day early.  I made these stuffed avocados.  They have chicken salad in them (although I have made them with crab before).  I was pleasantly surprised at how well they turned out, they were the perfect amount of spicy and savory and the creaminess of the avocado complimented everything perfectly.  CJ says I should write a cookbook and I laughed and laughed, because my whole life everybody has made fun of my cooking.

Of course, there’s no labor day without alcohol, so we made some screw drivers.  We used the juicer to make fresh orange juice.  These were soo good!  It took me two hours to drink mine cuz I was getting a head rush every time I took a sip.

And last but certainly not least, we spent a lot of time out in the sun.  I used my chill time to cover my apple headphones.  They had a little tear in the rubber coating and I was nervous that they would break, but now I don’t have to be nervous anymore, plus, they’re super duper cute now!  I like the blue and the yellow together, reminds me of SWEDEN!  If I make another pair though, I think I’d do them in white, cream, and gold.  I’d do stripes to, so there isn’t too much of one color in a certain area.

I had fun making them, so if anybody wants a pair, send me an email at



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