Labor Day

3 Sep

Today has been so long that I can barely even remember the beginning of it. It’s Labor Day in the U.S. and I don’t know about other parts of this great nation, but Californians like to spend all day (or all weekend) outside soaking up the last few days of summer. BBQs, pool parties, and weekend getaways to the river are all planned and scheduled on this lovely holiday.

Well, I (like the outstanding citizen that I am) did just that. I tried to fight it by celebrating a little early, but it turns out I just ended up celebrating it for two days out of this beautiful three day weekend.

I packed up a bunch of great stuff for me, CJ, and Penny; we all hopped in CJ’s Mazda and we drove to the lake. 🙂


Today was a day of firsts for Penny. It was the first time we had Penny ride in her crate. She usually sits in my lap or sleeps under the passenger side chair… She did great, didn’t even make a sound. I was quite proud of her.

This is some of the stuff we brought: books to read, tons of stuff for Penny, and I brought my computer and notebook. I wrote underneath a huge tree while CJ read a book, and Penny went crazy on a 10 foot leash (read: pretty much just fell asleep).


My shoes (that used to be my BFFL’s shoes before we traded)…


After I fished writing, we all went down to the lake. Penny walked down a dock for the first time! She did not like it, but when we got to the end (and the dock wasn’t shaking anymore), she calmed down considerably… unless we tried to take her close to the edge.


After awhile we decided to take Penny swimming. It was warm out and the lake was very similar to the inlet we too Penny to last Saturday. But for some reason (I think cuz there weren’t tons of other dogs around) she did not like that too much either.





Of course, when swim practice was over, Penny ran straight for the sand and began rolling around in it and digging it into her neck and collars. It was funny. We ran into the grass where she continued to roll around like a little crazy dog trying to get dry.


We got back in the car, picked up some delicious hamburgers (saved half of mine for tomorrow!), and headed home. Penny got a bath right away and then we all hung out outside; me and CJ enjoying our burgers and Penny trying to get dry again.


We stayed outside till it started getting dark. It was the perfect end to a perfect day.



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