Back Up

4 Sep

I worked a lot today.  I learned this new technique called the “Pomodoro Technique.”  Basically, from what little I read about it, all you do is work for 25 minutes without distraction and then you give yourself a little five minute break.  So I did that three or four times and I was surprised at how much I got done.  I used my five minute breaks to teach Penny how to stand on her front feet only.  It’s kind of a long process cuz she has to grow some muscles, but she’s getting the hang of it quite nicely.

At three o’clock I had a Skype chat with Kristin.  We recorded the audio for our podcast OK SO (which I just realized sounds a lot like Ok Go, that awesome treadmill band).  You should definitely check it out because it’s very funny.  There are currently two episodes up.

CJ was out shopping for clothes most of the day.  He also got a haircut!  He had a lot of trouble finding what he wanted to get, so I took him to Tilly’s, Old Navy, Sport Chalet, and Kohl’s.  We actually ended up having a lot of fun.  (He’s very particular, so I tend to avoid shopping with him.)  He got some black shorts from Sport Chalet and a couple of collared sportswear tops at Kohl’s.  I think he definitely appreciates my man shopping skills, even though I’ve gotten much better at recreational shopping.

All in all, today was a very good day.  It was perfectly chill and perfectly eventful simultaneously.

I can’t wait till Penny gets her handstand all the way.  The command I’m using right now is “back up” because she has to back up on to the stack of books.  I can’t decide if I want to change the command or keep it the same, because when I say “back up” in class, everyone will be expecting her to reverse, not for her back legs to come up off the ground.  🙂  What do you think?


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