PennyToon #1

5 Sep

I have to admit that today was somewhat uneventful. Woke up, walked Penny, worked.

CJ had his first day helping out Penny’s Sit Mean Sit trainer. Ryan (the trainer) had him but on a bite sleeve and let his pet belgian malinois bite him. He came home with bruises and welts on his arm, but he was very impressed at the protection training this dog had under its… collar.

Since I really don’t have any pictures to show you, I drew a little “PennyToon.” Please pardon the quality of these drawings, I drew them on my iPad in a note taking program. But without further ado…






So frame by frame the first ones supposed to be Penny sleeping, the second is a plant getting watered. Then Penny wakes up and goes running outside and to the water. She’ll bark and bite at it as long as I water the plants.

Hope you liked it! Penny says, “bye!”




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