6 Sep

Penny’s getting much better at her hand stand. I’m astonished at how quickly she’s getting everything. We haven’t been giving her food just to eat for breakfast or dinner, instead she must work for each piece of kibble. It makes her very enthusiastic and she’ll work for longer than she would if we were giving her training treats and her regular meal. Sometimes we’ll give her what’s left over from training, but when we do that, I usually try to feed her in her crate.


In other news, my favorite Swedish blogger is getting married soon. I love reading her blog, and I find a lot of inspiration from her. Her name’s Isabella Lowengrip and she’s an entrepreneur. We’re about the same age. She has two books published and had her own magazine until she sold it recently. She has a pretty big following ink Sweden, and since I’m a swedenophile it makes sense that I’d be obsessed, right? In fact, I start every day by reading her blog.

This is a screen grab from a post on her planning her closet.


She has a little pug named Christian. She got him right after I got my pup Penny. Who, by the way, enjoys sleeping sweetly next to me as I work. šŸ™‚


Isn’t she adorable?!


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