14 Sep

Yesterday was super busy for me, but definitely in a good way. In the morning I made a delicious baked avocado and egg breakfast. The eggs were just a little bit crispy (sounds weird, I know), and they were delicious. The original idea was of coursed inspired by Pinterest.


Penny went to work with CJ which was perfect because I had a day of running around to do. First I went to visit my dad. He’s going to Canada so it was great to catch up with him. A lot’s changed in his life since I talked to him last. My sister moved out!



After talking with him for hours I was running late to meet my friend Taylor. I cut her hair and we caught up on everything thats been going on with us and mutual friends since we last saw each other. She’s a beautiful dancer and I met her at her studio.


For dinner I made Cajun Chicken Fettuccini Alfredo. It was okayish. Of course CJ loved it, because he loves everything I make him, or at least he says he does. Tomorrow I’m going to see my sister and I’m bringing a salad. She’s a great cook, and this way I’ll at least have a second opinion on my culinary skills. 🙂 If I keep up all of this activity, I’ll be the valley’s newest socialite.



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