Cultural Dining

15 Sep

Recently (if you haven’t noticed from all of the pictures of food) I’ve been cooking a lot. I started out by planning about five dinners a week. The other two nights are reserved for either leftover nights or date nights.

I try not to cook too much food since it’s usually just the two of us eating, but we never know if anybody else is going to want to join us, so I always cook for about three people. CJ can usually eat two portions if it’s just us.

What I really want to learn though, is how to cook great food from all over the world. I love making Swedish Meatballs, and I’d love to learn how to make a great Pad Thai. I love Greek food, so Hummas and Grape Leaves are definitely on the “learn-to-make” list.

I want all of my recipes to be authentic and delicious. I’m such a picky eater that if my meals meet my standards, then they’ll probably meet everybody else’s also.






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