Beer Rinse

19 Sep

So I’m not much of a beer girl.  I kinda think it’s gross.  I refuse to drink it out of a can and I’m extremely picky about what I’ll drink out of a bottle.  If it’s on draft, then they probably have hard liquor or wine, and I’d definitely much rather have a mixed drink.

But that doesn’t mean that beer doesn’t have it’s place in my shower.  I know, right?  If you wanna know about the benefits that a beer rinse has on your hair.  I wrote an article for Yahoo about it, and you can find it here.  🙂


Redken makes a shampoo with beer in it.  It’s for guys, but it smells yummy and it’s a lot less messy than pouring a cold one over your head and letting the yeasty, sticky mess drip all over your freshly washed body.


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