Bok Choy

25 Sep

I’ve been cooking a lot lately, but on Sunday night.  CJ cooked instead.  He spent all week planning a secret menu.  He even sent me to the store so I’d be out of the house for most of the process.

I picked up some Perrier and a bottle of sparkling wine for dessert.  I honestly had no idea what to get, and I didn’t want to spoil the menu with an ill-chosen wine, so I figured that if it didn’t match we could drink it later.

When I got home, CJ had made this amazing vegan bok choy (the sauce was delicious!).  He also made edamame, udon noodles (perfectly seasoned), and forbidden rice (my favorite).  I put some soy sauce on the table, right before we sat down, but we didn’t even touch it.

In addition to the amazing dinner, he got a cool round green tea colored candle and a chunky wooden candlestick.


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