PF Chang’s

29 Sep

I did something I’ve never done before the other day.  I ate at a restaurant by myself!

I know, that probably sounds pathetic, but here’s why I did and why I’m proud.

I went to fashion valley on Thursday to visit The Container Store (it’s my new OCD heaven).  I knew what I needed and I really didn’t want to drive an hour just to shop for  two minutes, so I decided to have lunch at PF Chang’s.  I brought my iPad and a bluetooth keyboard and left my anxiety in the car.

It was actually really fun.  I ordered a mojito to calm my nerves (and ensure that I didn’t run out of the restaurant screaming and enjoyed a really nice lunch of egg drop soup (a favorite soup of mine!) and some kung pao chicken with steamed brown rice.

Although I didn’t finish my lunch, I did write over a 1400 words towards my novel.  I’ve been writing up a storm lately, and the first draft, to my first novel will be done tomorrow.  I’m very excited.  I’ve grown a lot through this process.





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