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28 Oct

I love fall. I used to be a Summer kind of girl all the way, but now that I’m an adult, I think my love of summer was mainly based on school being out. From a strictly fashion standpoint, autumn is fun because the weather starts changing, and you have the opportunity to wear fun boots, legwear, and cute jackets that had to be put away in order to suffer the stifling and oppressive heat of summer.

Everybody says that California doesn’t have seasons, and while our seasons may not be as pronounced as other states and regions, we definitely do experience some differences. I went out in search of reds and oranges appearing in nature. While admittidly California weather is perfect, here’s documented proof that we get to experience all of the joys of true seasons.






Gift Giving

24 Oct

It was Ryan from Sit Means Sit’s birthday recently. CJ got the dates mixed up and thought it was on a Sunday instead of on a Friday. I guess he was celebrating Sunday or something. Anyway, as things turned out we decided to get him a little something for the big day.

I honestly don’t know Ryan too well. Aside from seeing him at Vital Climbing Gym from time to time and of course all of his help training Penny, I haven’t interacted with the guy much. I ended up finding an appropriate gift and in a whirlwind got it wrapped and sent to him.

I’m really glad that I invested in some elagent essentials. It would have been very stressful if not only I had to pick a couple of little gifts, but also gift wrapping paper, ribbon, and a card as well. Gift giving shouldn’t be obligatory or feel like a chore, and because I was prepared, I definitely had a fun time getting everything ready.

Ryan seemed to enjoy that we thought of him on his special day, and CJ was definitely proud that everything got put together in time.





24 Oct

It’s very possible that I might be slightly OCD, but mostly I think I just like being organized. I like to adopt a fairly minimalistic and simple lifestyle, and that translates into my living arrangements for the most part.

I also have a hard time making up my mind and enjoy new things, so I tend to reorganize a lot in order to make the old feel new. And nothing gives you a better perspective on what you have then reorganizing it. In this case i’m talking about food, and the pantry.

I started by taking everything out, putting it all on the dining table and cleaned out the cupboards, threw away what was old or stale, and then combined and organized what was left over.

November’s going to be a busy month for me with NaNoWriMo and all, so I figure, I might as well get the upperhand and start with a clean kitchen, so at least when I’m knee deep in syntax, diction, and the plot is getting thick and sticky, at least I won’t be hungry.





Roses and Chocolate

22 Oct

I got a surprise today, the good kind.

CJ and I have been “going steady” for nearly two years now, and they’ve been a great two years. He’s very practical though, which is why I wasn’t expecting the thoughtful gifts he brought me just out of the blue.

He’s been working very hard lately, and I’ve been really focussed on making sure that all of the work he’s been up to doesn’t stress him out. I personally believe that behind every great, happy man is a woman who works her butt off.

Most of the work I do is behind the scenes, but it looks like CJ’s noticed and is very appreciative. I got a dozen baby roses, hazelnut chocolates by ferro rochier, and a bottle of premium red wine.






22 Oct

A long time ago I got stationary for Christmas. I’ve always lived stationary. I’ve spent countless hours in paper stores like Hallmark and Papyrus (Target has some good stuff too!) looking at journals, cards, envelopes, and writing papers. I write letters all of the time and because of this, I’m running low on my paper stash, which I suppose is just an excuse to get some more.

This set is the one I received from Christmas.  I love them because they are so simple and plain.  The embossing and the floral interior of the envelopes is a really nice touch.




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