Soccer Match

6 Oct

I went and watched my cousin Wesley play soccer today. It’s the second week in a row that I’ve gone, and I really enjoyed myself both times.

The first time I went to the field it took me a long time to find my cousins. I eventually found them by looking for the boys that seemed about Wesley’s height; he ended up being at the farthest side of the field.

His team is called the “Silver Bullets.” All of the little boys are five and under. I’m actually surprised at how well they play for being so young. They all really seem to grasp the rules, and some are definitely more into the game than others.

Wes likes keeping track of how many goals he makes, so I thought it would be fun to make him a little score card to keep a record. Then again, that might make him too competitive. 😛

I took pictures with my phone and already have my scrapbook page made. There’s no excuse not to keep up on the pages when you don’t have to pull out all those supplies! Also, it’s really fun to see my book coming together so nicely.



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