10 Oct

Some of you may know that me and CJ have been looking for another dog for some time now. Penny’s been really great and we were ready to expand our family with another canine. CJ has had his eye on Malinois for a while, so we drove all over Southern California in search for the perfect fit.

We went to LA to look at a dog named Shogun. He was cool, but he was missing a front tooth. He also hadn’t been socialized properly. After LA, we went to Point Loma and saw another dog. He was great. He jumped up on me and actually ended up knocking me over. (In his defense I was wearing heels and I was kneeling.) He was so friendly and loving.

After Point Loma, we went back up to Los Angeles on Sunday to meet a litter of four puppies. They were so cute! I wanted to take home all of them. The breeder really didn’t give us a good vibe. He refused to share a lot of information, and even though the parents were on sight we weren’t allowed to see them.

So it was back to San Diego yesterday to pick up the the second dog we saw.


CJ named him Cairo this morning. We made a huge list of potential names for the new addition to our family. Some of the top choices were:


Ryan from Sit Means Sit Temecula came over and showed us some ways to increase his energy and drive. We play tug with him a lot! Last night was a little rough, but all-in-all, he’s adjusting quite nicely to his new family. We love having him here. šŸ™‚

Penny’s had a bit of an adjusting period too. She’s not growling at him anymore, and although they haven’t played together yet I know they’ll get along great.




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