French Onion Soup

13 Oct

I’ve talked a few times about wanting to learn to make authentic cuisine from all over the world. Recently I made “french onion soup” and it was seriously amazing.

I read a blog about the origins of french onion soup. And in the spirit of simplicity they suggested as few ingredients as possible be used. I made it with only onions, S&P, water, and pinot noir. Of course I topped it with slices of crusty baguettes and Swiss cheese.

It was relatively easy to make and super inexpensive, though next time I’d like to use a nice Gruyere in place of Swiss cheese. The process of cooking down the onions took nearly an hour, but I didn’t have to baby sit them so I was able to clean the house while they cooked.

The final product was rich and filling. This is the perfect vegetarian comfort food. It would also be great on a cold rainy night. I served it in ramekins with a glass of the pinot noir I used in the recipe.

This one’s going on the favorites list. 🙂





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