Picnics, Pigs, and Puppies

15 Oct

Today CJ and I decided to spend our Sunday lazily. I read the paper while he played with the dogs. Cairo is quickly becoming a lovely part of the family. He and Penny have still have not been allowed to play together, but Penny’s not growling at him every chance she gets like she does with most other dogs.

After our lovely morning we decided to have a picnic and play with the dogs some more. But, not being in the mood to cook we went to Five Guys and picked up some burgers. We went to the duck pond where me and Penny sat on a grassy hill while CJ and Cairo went around and met all of the other park goers.

When we got to the dock pond, there was a family with their pet pigs here. My eyesight is so bad, I was surprised at how chill the “Australian shepherds” were, until CJ pointed out that they were pigs.

All in all the day was great, and we got some awesome pictures to boot!






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