Gift Giving

24 Oct

It was Ryan from Sit Means Sit’s birthday recently. CJ got the dates mixed up and thought it was on a Sunday instead of on a Friday. I guess he was celebrating Sunday or something. Anyway, as things turned out we decided to get him a little something for the big day.

I honestly don’t know Ryan too well. Aside from seeing him at Vital Climbing Gym from time to time and of course all of his help training Penny, I haven’t interacted with the guy much. I ended up finding an appropriate gift and in a whirlwind got it wrapped and sent to him.

I’m really glad that I invested in some elagent essentials. It would have been very stressful if not only I had to pick a couple of little gifts, but also gift wrapping paper, ribbon, and a card as well. Gift giving shouldn’t be obligatory or feel like a chore, and because I was prepared, I definitely had a fun time getting everything ready.

Ryan seemed to enjoy that we thought of him on his special day, and CJ was definitely proud that everything got put together in time.





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