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Missme Model

30 Nov

I ❤ this girls look. She’s so pretty. I just say, I am obsessed with blonde hair, light eyes, and fair skin. Of course, that’s kinda what I look like, but she’s adorable.

Does anybody now who she is?



Genealogy Project

30 Nov

I started such a fun project last night. My grandma passed away a couple of years ago and she has all of these old photos so I’m in the process of scanning them, labeling them, and making CDs for all of my relatives. I’m so proud of where I come from and I love hearing stories about my relatives, especially the older ones. Unfortunately I have no more grandparents left, but thankfully I have tons of pictures from them.


This one is of my dad. I gotta say, he used to be super cute.


The lady in the middle is my great aunt Esther. I found out yesterday that she had a sister named Evelyn who was a USC cheerleader. I love seeing old pictures of her. She was really beautiful and the nicest most thoughtful lady ever.


Rainy Day

29 Nov

It looks like it’s going to be a very wet day. I have both of the dogs today as CJs out of town, and I can honestly say that while I’m very excited about spending some time with them, I would really rather not go for two rainy walks. But such is life. And I’m sure it’ll turn out to be all kinds of fun.



Novel Completed!

28 Nov

Yesterday was a crazy day for me. After posting my blog I got this crazy desire to finish the novel I’ve been working on since November 1st. And I finished! I wrote a novel in 27 days. Today I shall start the long and tedious editing process, but not before I take care of some things I neglected like my puppy, going to the gym, and straightening up the house.




Midnight Ride

27 Nov

I’ve decided to post first thing in the morning since I’ve been much too tired to post at the end of the day lately. Hopefully I’ll get better at it when November is finally over.

Last night me and CJ went for a motorcycle ride. We hardly saw each other all day and he had to go up to Riverside anyway, so it just seemed fun and fitting that I should hop on the back of the bike with him.

I wore tons of layers. I had leggings on under my leather pants, two shirts, a neck warmer, scarf, and then of course leather boots and a leather jacket. I’m glad too because on the way back it got quite cold and I would have turned into an icicle and fallen off the back of the bike if not for my extra layers.



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