Lifestyle Blogs

5 Nov

Hey there!

I just wanted to share with you a couple of my favorite lifestyle blogs.  Funnily enough, they’re all in Swedish, and if you read them right now, they’re all talking about this girl named Isabella, who writes a lifestyle blog that I read absolutely every morning.

She writes a blog called BlondinBella.  I read it seriously, every morning right when I wake up.  Her fiance, Odd, just started a blog.  He always makes the best looking food, so I went over to check it out this morning and it turns out that his blog is actually going to be about food!  His blog can be found here, and this is what he looks like…

He only  has a couple of posts up so far, but I like how they’re turning out.

Last but not least, this third blog is also a new one that I read.  I’m not sure how I like it yet, but I definitely want to give it a chance.  This girl is called Kissie.  She’s a little… provacative, but I think she does it on purpose.

They all maintain lifestyle blogs, which is really what I want my blog to be, but somehow, I just don’t find myself as interesting as all of these other people.  We’ll see though.  They also post like three to four times a day.  That’s a lot of work, and I’ve tried it in the past but I haven’t been able to maintain it, maybe because I’m a perfectionist and I insist on editing every post and picture several times before they’re actually posted.  In fact, I still have to post my Halloween blog….



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