Forced Relaxation

10 Nov

I honestly doubt you’ll believe the day I had… I let Kojak (I’ve been spelling his name wrong!) out this morning to go potty and I couldn’t get him to go back into his crate. Like all day. I tried pushing him in, but that dog weighs a ton and didn’t budge an inch. After awhile I just gave up and let him stay out. He slept all day long… Except for when he growled at the ghost That I’m pretty sure lives here.

I couldn’t even get dressed because I had to make sure Kojak didn’t mark the house and all it takes is one second…. Thankfully he didn’t and I was forced to just sit down and relax.

CJ just got home, he put Kojak right in his kennel and I think he even got him to eat too. Impressive!

Anyway, now I’m making butternut squash soup, because I finally just got outside and it was freezing. A nice hearty soup sound like the perfect way to end the day! (Hey! That rhymed!)


Look how long my hair is getting!


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