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Ringing in the New Year

31 Dec

Just picked up a bottle of Almond Champagne from Bevmo. Its going to be an intimate night. 🙂

Pics to come!


New Years Eve Plans

31 Dec

Waiting to see on new years plans. Hoping to be able to watch the ball drop in new York, kiss my boyfriend, and have an almond champagne toast!


Penny’s New Outfits

30 Dec

Penny got some new clothes and sweaters for Christmas. They’re so cute! She had this one in slate grey too!

This one is a hoodie and CJs favorite. It might be my favorite too! I’m just glad she stays warm now. 🙂

My Birthday

29 Dec

First, let me start off by saying that this post is going to be a doozy, so I apologize in advance.

I woke up yesterday morning after not getting much sleep. I’m usually a nine hours a night kind of girl, but sadly that didn’t happen. CJ got even less sleep than I did, so I took the dogs out for a walk. I know he really wanted to make me breakfast for my birthday, but I kinda figured, birthdays are about growing older, so I let CJ sleep. Besides, I wasn’t hungry.

When I was walking Penny their were hot air balloons in the sky. Two were just across the street and they were so close to the ground. I could hear when the pilot let the fire into the balloon. Beautiful!



It’s funny, the balloons look a lot farther away in the pictures, like when you take a picture of the moon.


I spent pet of the day reading and sleeping. It was by relaxing. Penny cuddled with me in bed, which is a rare occasion.

I had a reservation at a local steakhouse at 7:00 and for some reason I really felt like doing the old Hollywood thing so I curled my hair, brushed it out and then did dark red lips, etc. the look was quite fun to rock for the night.


Dinner was delicious. I had fillet mignon. The meat was pretty much all I ate. I got so full so fast because it was the first thing I had eaten all day.

Chicken Ceasar Salad

27 Dec

Two healthy dinners in a row! Today I made unfried chicken for dinner to go with a Caesar salad. I made leftovers because I really don’t want to spend my birthday trying to keep CJ fed. There’s more black bean burgers in the freezer too!



Mine is the one sans black beans and tomatoes.

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