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Wild Rice Stuffed Squash

31 Jan

Another axing dinner. There have been a lot of those lately. I’m starting to feel like that’s all I talk about now. Food. Haha, well I eat a lot, so I guess it makes sense.

Anyway, this is acorn squash stuffed with wild rice that’s been seasoned with sage and garlic. Right before I mounded it into the acorn squash I stirred in some cranberries and pecans and seasoned with salt and pepper.

Seriously, delicious and nutritious!



Sister Ring

31 Jan

I wear this ring all the time. My sister and I found it and a similar onyx ring at a silver store at Seaport Village in Sand Diego, California.

I love it. It’s really dainty and people are always commenting on it. Even though my sister and I don’t get a chance to talk very much she always wears hers too.



31 Jan

Penny got a haircut!

I thought it would be fun to try a schnauzer cut on her since I don’t really know what kind of dog she is.

Here’s her before and after. Every time I see her now I can’t help but laugh.



Open Faced Egg, Ham, and Brie Sandwich

31 Jan





31 Jan

Penny has developed a really bad habit of whining in her crate over the last couple of weeks.

She usually sleeps in her dog bed by the bed and when she whimpers in the morning to go out I get up and take her to the bathroom and then out her in her crate until I’m ready to take her for her walk.

Anyway, she’s been whining a lot.

Today we went for a 1.25 mile walk. She loved it.


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