Shopping and Lunch

14 Mar

I spent the morning doing errands and shopping. I’m in the market for a heart rate monitor but I am not willing to pay over fifty dollars for it (including tax), and let me tell you, that doesn’t exist in a store. The cheapest ones were like 65 bucks. I gave up and put a bid in on eBay.

I also got CJs birthday present today! Which is totally exciting. I know he’s going to Iike it, because its exactly what he asked for, but I hope it’s enough.

I’m having a smoked salmon and spinach salad for lunch. I’m kind of nervous because I usually only eat fish in sushi restaurants and I don’t really like spinach…. But I followed a recipe, so hopefully it will be delicious! Really had to fight not to pick something up while I was out; I had major cravings!



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