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Tension Headache

29 Apr

I visited the emergency room today and in a whirlwind of tears and questions I was told I had a tension headache and prescribed two different pain killer.

Unfortunately I went to the wrong hospital and was way overcharged, and because I went to the wrong hospital I had to call my dad, which means he is now worried about me.

Anyway, I’m finally home now. I’ve taken the medication they gave me and am very hopeful. If the meds don’t work I’ll have to back to the hospital for an MRI or CT scan tomorrow.

Keep your fingers crossed. I’d much rather get in with my life than suffer from this anymore (obviously).



Health update

28 Apr

Hello everyone.

I’m still sick. I’ve been taking it super easy. I didn’t even get up till around 2 and even then it was only to change scenery and lie on the couch.

I’ve just ordered pizza delivery for dinner.

Today has definitely been a bust, but hopefully all of this rest will mean I will be feeling better soon.


26 Apr

Good morning fans!

I wanted to apologize for not posting in awhile. I’ve been taking really good care of myself lately, year still I haven’t been feeling well.

I hope to be back into blogging soon. I have so many pictures and stories to share with you all.

Until soon!


21 Apr

It’s a beautiful spring afternoon and we’ve all decided to spend it in the park. I’m chilling on a picnic blanket writing while CJ works with Cairo. I’m sure I’ll be filming some videos for him.

Penny is running around as usual.


Good Morning

21 Apr

Good morning blogosphere!

I made a delicious healthy breakfast and soon I will be headed off to the gym to take an amazing Barre class taught by my friend Ylonda. It’s killer. I am always sore the next day.


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