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Guess What I’m Doing!

25 Jul



Farmers Market and Yoga

23 Jul


I got to work a little early so I thought I’d update. 🙂

I went to the farmers market on Saturday. I got some cool fruit and organic avocados.



On Sunday I went to yoga. For some reason I was thinking it was gentle yoga, but it was power yoga. I almost died, I was still so sore from Bootie Boot Camp yoga on Thursday night. After yoga I went for a little swim.


Sushi Tomi

18 Jul

CJ and I went out for sushi the other night. We wanted to try something new, and found a little place nearby that had good reviews.



13 Jul

I decided that since I’m doing fun stuff again it’s time to get back into blogging.

Yesterday my friend Kristin and I went up to Naples, CA and kayaked through all of the canals. I was super paranoid I was going to get sunburned, but I managed to survive the day without turning lobster red. Although my legs and forehead got a little pink.


On the way home we stopped for a late lunch. It’s crazy how hungry a day of fun in the sun can make you.


I had a chicken guacamole sandwich and Kristin got a Caesar salad (surprise,surprise).

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