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The Best Day

18 Aug

I had the most fun day today.

Kristin and I went to San Diego and tore it up. We got semi matching rings, saw Shakespeare and had extraordinary desserts. Couldn’t be happier!

Pictures to come.

Check out my Instagram (simplybys) for a preview.


Sushi Tomi

18 Jul

CJ and I went out for sushi the other night. We wanted to try something new, and found a little place nearby that had good reviews.


Good Morning

21 Apr

Good morning blogosphere!

I made a delicious healthy breakfast and soon I will be headed off to the gym to take an amazing Barre class taught by my friend Ylonda. It’s killer. I am always sore the next day.


Mongolian BBQ

15 Apr

I feel like I’ve spent all day at the hospital. I know that’s not exactly true, but still.

The doctors aren’t quite sure what’s wrong with CJ but they sent him home with some medication for stomach acid. He’s supposed to use it for a month and if t doesn’t help then he’ll be going back for more tests.

He had to fast all day for some of the tests they ha to do so we stopped at a Mongolian BBQ place on the way home.

Eggs and Bacon

20 Mar

Good morning blogosphere!

I’m having a delicious breakfast of bacon and eggs before traipsing off to the gym. :). I can’t wait to get my work out in. I wanted to go yesterday but didn’t have the time, so I had to settle for a little bit of in-home Pilates. Not today!


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