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27 Sep

I have to make this quick because I’m at work and my boss is most definitely in the building, but I’ve been meaning to write and just haven’t made the time.

So what’s new?  I have strawberry blonde hair now.  Decided to go dark for fall and all… I’m working at a fancy salon/spa and as always I am supes busy.  Between work, yoga, CJ, my puppy, friends, and fabulous weekend getaways I’ve hardly had time to myself.

I’ll try my best to write more regularly (possibly at work when its slow).   I ❤ you all!!


The Best Day

18 Aug

I had the most fun day today.

Kristin and I went to San Diego and tore it up. We got semi matching rings, saw Shakespeare and had extraordinary desserts. Couldn’t be happier!

Pictures to come.

Check out my Instagram (simplybys) for a preview.

Natural Bridges

15 Aug


We went to Natural Bridges state park. It has a tide pool, and of course a natural bridge.

I was looking forward to seeing lots of cool creatures, but as the tide was not low we had to settle for some awesome anemones and even a little crab.



I live tide pools and thought the suggestion was a great one. Thanks Rodney and Michelle!!


14 Aug


Our drive to San Jose was beautiful. We rose with the convertible top down the whole way, and since we took the PCH we were always surrounded by gorgeous views.



It took us about ten hours to get to our final destination and every second was worth it. We sang a lot and laughed a lot.

Road Trip

9 Aug

I had the best vacation recently. It was just what I needed.

My best friend Kristin and I took the PCH up to San Jose. We stayed with some dear old friends of mine and visited lots of cool places during our five day trip.

I’ll be posting pictures and captions as I edit them.


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