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15 Apr

It’s been awhile since I posted, and I have lots to post.

Unfortunately I’m at the hospital right now with CJ. More on that later.

I can’t believe about this whole bomb thing in Boston. So sad! My heart goes out to all of the injured and their families.



Family Matters

13 Mar

I had a delicious breakfast of greek yogurt and berries this morning before going to visit my dad.

I really should see him more. He knows me pretty well and he’s like the greatest guy in the world. He usually gives me a good perspective on how things are in the family.

This visit he spent a lot of time talking about how he wished I would try to make more of an effort with my mom even though it should be the other way around.

If I did try to make nice with my mom it would be for his sake. Personally, I feel that opening up to her is like giving her another chance to destroy me.


Gun Control Debate

30 Jan

I watched the gun control debates for a good amount of time this morning. It was interesting listen to different sides of the argument and I wonder where all of this is going to go.

Personally, I grew up shooting guns for fun. I was trained on a military gun range in San Louis Obispo with a M-16 when I was fourteen or fifteen years old. I loved shooting.

I don’t think that outlawing guns is going to make anybody safer. Just like that guy from Houston was saying, stricter gun control laws are typically putting criminals at an advantage while making law abiding citizens more vulnerable. Statistics don’t lie.


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