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21 Apr

It’s a beautiful spring afternoon and we’ve all decided to spend it in the park. I’m chilling on a picnic blanket writing while CJ works with Cairo. I’m sure I’ll be filming some videos for him.

Penny is running around as usual.




21 Mar

I can’t believe it’s after twelve and I haven’t posted yet. I’ve spent the morning writing at home. Penny got a bath last night so she’s all soft and cuddly. All she wants to do is Kay on my stomach, but I keep puttering her on the pills so I can write.

She’s so stinking cute it’s distracting! Lol


I’m meeting up with Kristin later for frozen yogurt. She went on a first date last night and I can’t wait to hear all about it. 💋


Until Tomorrow

15 Mar

Had a really healthy snack after the gym and then another writing sesh.

I can’t wait for tomorrow! I’m going shopping with my BFF Kristin.


Also, penny likes to be supportive when I write. Isn’t she adorable?!


Stuffed Clams

12 Mar

I decided to forego the gym and take Penny for a walk instead. We went about a mile and a quarter. I talked to my dad for the first half a mile (I’m gonna go visit tomorrow). On the way back I did thirty lunges and did high knees.

I’m stoked for dinner tonight. It’s in the oven so it won’t be long now!



Simple Sundays

24 Feb


Sundays are probably my favorite day of the week. Between sleeping in, decadent brunches, and lots of time with my loved ones, the dogs getting along and being quiet is just a bonus.

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